Get up! Stand up!

carpet alarm clock

For those of us who enjoy late nights filled with inspirational music/people/movies/drugs/booze… and because of those nights have some trouble getting up in the morning to drag their asses to school/work/the street/whatever you’re supposed to do: an alarm clock that rewards you when you actually get up!

This inventive design doesn’t use complicated technology to force you to leave your warm nest, but is a simle alarm clock in the form of a carpet, which you can lie next to your bed. when the buzzer goes, the only way to shut your rug up is to put both feet on it, which basicially means getting up! When you do it rewards you by showing you the time on the display. It’s no bucket of water but it does the trick (a lot more humain)!

product: Carpet Alarm Clock

design: Yanko Design

available: not yet, unfortunatly!


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